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Mobile websites

photo of an iphone against a white backgroundOver 85% of new mobile phones can access the web. People want to be able to visit your site when they’re travelling, away from home, or have a spare moment. Not to mention visitors using iPads and other tablet devices.

If you want to sell online, provide information to customers or interact with them more, having a great mobile presence is increasingly important.

We can optimise your site for mobile devices, including smartphones and iPads, using one of a number of options:

  1. a simple unbranded design that’s easy to read – very cost-effective and great for blogs and knowledgebases.
  2. a responsive design – the mobile user will see the same content and a very similar design but presented in a way that’s easier to interact with on a small screen.
  3. a bespoke mobile site – if visitors on mobiles have different needs, we can develop a version of your site that has different menus and functionality, while retaining your content and branding. Sites like this can look and work a lot like apps.

All of our new sites are responsive so work great on mobiles. We have recognised expertise in this area which is why our Director Rachel McCollin has written a book on Mobile WordPress development.