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Mobile WordPress Development – beginners guide

If you own or develop a WordPress website and want to make it mobile-friendly, this book is for you. The book will teach you how to:

  • Identify which approach to mobile development will work best for your site, by understanding the needs of the site and its visitors
  • Find out which plugins and pre-built responsive themes are best for quickly making a WordPress site work on mobiles, and customize them for your site
  • Install responsive themes and customise them to fit with your existing design or brand
  • Make your existing WordPress theme or site responsive, adjusting the layout and interface to look great on mobiles, including phones and tablets
  • Take responsive design further, with responsive text and navigation, for better ergonomics and user experience
  • Learn how to make images and other media responsive and reduce their file size on mobile devices using inbuilt WordPress functionality
  • Create an app-like site, with a design and interface resembling a native app
  • Access the functionality of the user’s phone from the browser to create a WordPress web app, and learn which features you’ll be able to use in future.

Read more and buy a copy on the Packt website or on Amazon.